Studying Public Health

Criteria for choosing a place to study

Prospective students sometimes decide where to study based on pragmatic considerations. From a professional and pedagogical point of view, other arguments might be relevant. Such criteria could be, for example:

  • What majors does the particular study location offer? Do these emphases match the student's own interests?
  • Which research projects are carried out at the study location? Are the research foci related to the study foci? Is there an opportunity to work on research projects and thereby gain experience?
  • What access to international databases relevant to health sciences is available to students? Which health science journals are available electronically?
  • Which professors or junior academic staff are available for supervision? Do they offer the desired thematic breadth? What kind of supervision can be expected?
  • How intensively does the respective study program participate in subject-related and didactic issues in a national and international context?
  • What opportunities for international mobility does the examination regulations offer?
  • Is the study program's studyability ensured (for example, through accreditation)? How student-friendly are the examination regulations?